• JP partners with schools and districts across the country to provide intensive professional development for scientifically-based programs.

  • JP works with schools providing training on how to ameliorate teacher weaknesses brought to light through the process of teacher evaluation.

  • JP brings together several critical factors in the development of an effective school.

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  • Common Core State Standards, Factors Influencing Student Achievement, Responsive Coaching, Teacher Evaluation, Autism
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Responsive Coaching

When it comes to Coaching, we know the best secrets in the business, and we love to share our knowledge. Below are some of the most helpful Coaching articles we have come across. Click the inidvidual links to learn more about the importance of Coaching.

And then, once you've read the articles, learn even more about JP's Responsive Coaching by scrolling down this page. When if comes to Coaching, JP knows what works and what doesn't.

icon The Value of Coaching

icon A Strategy for Developing Instructional Capacity

icon Developing Effective Training and Coaching Programs

icon Coaching of Teachers Found to Boost Student Reading


What is coaching? Here is the definition presented by Dr. Rob Horner, University of Oregon (The Importance of Coaching in Implementation of Evidence-based Practices): Coaching is the active and iterative delivery of:

(a) prompts that increase successful behavior, and
(b) corrections that decrease unsuccessful behavior.
Coaching is done by someone with credibility and experience with the target skill(s)
Coaching is done on-site, in real time
Coaching is done after initial training
Coaching is done repeatedly (e.g. monthly)
Coaching intensity is adjusted to need
JP has been responding to the coaching needs of schools since 1989!

When considering the best possible way to improve our educational process, give our students every opportunity to be successful, and provide effective support for our teachers, we felt that Maggie and JP Associates were an imperative part of our plan. The success that we have seen is amazing. Students read with confidence, are willing to try, and are being successful. Teachers have been trained to work with struggling readers and are much more confident in this area. Teachers have made the successful transition to a strong implementation... Maggie has provided assistance all the way. She did not just say “do it this way” and leave. She demonstrated, supported, guided, and encouraged! Change is never easy. However, Maggie just has a “way” about her that makes educators feel that she is there to support them and will work along with them. She does not give up on any child and will get in the classroom and work with the teacher and students. She is extremely knowledgeable and uses this knowledge to make sure that students benefit daily. I consider it a pleasure to have her provide services to our students. She believes in what she does and should because – It works! What a blessing for our students!

Kim Corley, Superintendent, Toombs County School System

What does a JP Coach (School Improvement Specialist) do?

Coaches Roles/Responsibilities:

CoachingDescriptionsProvide on-site, job-embedded staff development that ensures that teachers are knowledgeable about their instructional program and how the program meets the standards.
Model lessons and strategies in the classroom
Assists teachers in preparation for instruction
Observe instruction and provide specific feedback with follow up items
Advise and support teachers with instruction (materials, planning, instruction, and assessment).
Collaborate with teachers in grade level and vertical team meetings. Assist in setting goals for improved instruction.
Provide customized professional development targeting teacher needs
Help with organization and management of the classroom and their materials.
Develop intervention plans for struggling readers.
Provide professional development on assessments, work with teacher to assess each child and decide the next step to take.
Meet with the principal and review assessments, progress, concerns, etc., with teachers.
Serves as a resource in identifying appropriate instructional strategies and interventions to improve student achievement for all students (English Language Learners, standard English learners, Special Education students, and students with diverse learning needs.
Build capacity of building staff to meet the needs of your school and your students.

JacksonvilleChartOneIn 1987, Bruce Joyce and Beverly Showers released the findings of their ground-breaking research regarding the extent of implementation resulting from various modes of training and followup support. This information has become the prime mover behind the increase in what is known now as instructional coaching. The following summary of Joyce and Showers’ findings are dramatic!

Noble/Allbritton Elementary School is considered a high achieving school throughout the state of Arkansas and the nation. It doesn't matter that we are a poverty school located in the southeast corner of the state. Our school is noted for being successful. I contribute this to a couple of factors. Having the right people in the right places and working hard every day to make sure that students have what they need to be successful. Direct Instruction has contributed to the fact that our students can read. High, medium or low students, it does not discriminate. JP Associates has worked with us for 8 years and has helped us embrace challenges within our district, throughout the state and nation. It takes time to fully implement and see success. Our staff has made the commitment to make student achievement a top priority. Team work with our consultant Kim Burgess and our staff has built us a reputation that we are very proud of. DI and the success we have experienced remind me of a three legged stool. We first must have a credible curriculum and program. Next, we must have people that can push that curriculum/program. Then, we must bring all of this together with support to make it work and that is what JP offers us. Without the third leg, it would not work. It could not stand alone. The coaching and support that they provide is the difference maker. To that, I say thank you!!!

Tracy Streeter,Principal, Noble/Allbritton Elementary School, Hamburg, AR

DistrictRegionandState2005-2008CroppedAcademic Coaching Produces More Effective Teachers! Coaching is six times more effective than class-size reduction.* * Academic Coaching Produces More Effective Teachers; Wong, Harry & Rosemary; TeacherNet Gazette, Volume 5 Number 3; March 1, 2008

Singapore Ministry of Education – Special Education Branch Schools – Year 1

The following data demonstrate the effects of Direct Instruction reading programs with Responsive Professional Development™ support from JP Associates on 148 students with intellectual disability and 25 teachers in 7 Special Education schools in Singapore.

The study included students with mild intellectual disability (MID) with I.Q.’s measured between 55 and 75 as well as students with moderate to severe intellectual disability (MSID) with I.Q.’s measured below 55.

When I sit down and analyze the data in our school over the past two years, I can’t help but to feel a sense of accomplishment. I am relieved that the students SingaporeResultsin our school are succeeding and making substantial strides in their literacy growth. It is so exciting to see the progress that not only the students have made, but also the teachers. I have also observed a positive growth in our learning community and an elevated level of motivation to meet all students’ needs. These increases have assisted in maintaining our philosophy that all students have the ability to successfully learn. However, I can’t continue on raving about student and teacher achievement if I didn’t acknowledge the successful implementation and support of the JP Associates “family” in our building. I admire your quality of leadership as it is very transparent in all the JP Associates educational consultants. It is evident that the selection of these consultants is “the best of the best”. Their high quality of professionalism and vast wealth of knowledge has had a major impact on student and teacher success in my building. Every month when the JP “family” comes to our school they bring such positive energy that keeps me motivated as a Literacy Coach. I am honored to have worked with dedicated and hard working JP Associate team members. I can’t say enough about the JP Implementation here in the Buffalo Public School District.

Best Regards,

Betsy Giangreco Literacy Coach, Buffalo Public School District, Buffalo, NY

TheCollaborativeSingagporeWhy providing quality professional development to your teachers is so essential for your school’s success:

The meta-analysis, Classroom Management That Works, synthesizes the research on effective schools over the last 35 years. The chart below illustrates the importance of the teacher in their classroom and in the school as a whole, and subsequently, the importance of coaching as a primary vehicle for professional development.

Let’s say that an average child starts at the 50% in reading. If she attends an average school with an average teacher, her achievement remains at the 50%. If she then attends the least effective school with the least effective teacher, after two years, she will drop to the 3rd%. The third scenario- the student enters at the 50% into the most effective school with the least effective teacher- drops to 37%. The 4th scenario- enters at 50% and after two years is at the 96%. The last scenario depicts the dramatic effective that a teacher of quality has on student achievement. Even with the least effective school, the most effective teacher can make a 13% difference in student achievement. “Even if the school they work in is highly ineffective, individual teachers can produce powerful gains in student learning.”

MostEffectiveLeastEffectiveJP Associates has been vital in keeping my school abreast of current reading and math research. In addition, JP Associates has contact with leading researchers. This provides my school with current professional development that is on the cutting edge. Knowing what the research says is one thing, but knowing how to apply what research says is another. JP’s School Improvement Specialists are at the forefront of taking research and making it applicable to the real world of reading and math. JP Associates has been an invaluable Direct Instruction implementer for the past several years; the professional growth that has been initiated and fostered goes well beyond Direct Instruction. I look forward to continuing this partnership with JP for many years to come. You will never outgrow J/P, as they are always striving to keep children first.

Jane Aycock, D.I. Coordinator, Appling Primary, Baxley, GA





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